Hindi Greeting Cards
Hindi Greeting Cards
Hindi Greeting Cards

Hindi Greeting Cards - Festival greeting cards in Hindi

One app that makes it easy to wish your loved ones in Hindi

Now you can do it in Hindi. Use this app to swiftly create a digital greeting card in Hindi that you can instantly share with your loved ones. Be it Dasara or Deepavali, Eid or Sankranti the app is packed with relevant templates, illustrations and messages in Hindi to mix and match. (Hundreds of combinations possible for every festival)

With this simple application you can:

  • Choose the festival you would like to make the card for
  • Mix & match layouts, icons, borders and backgrounds
  • Choose a message from an inbuilt list
  • Make it personal, sign it with a selfie ( a personal note too if you please)
  • Share your hindi greeting card

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Quick and Easy way to create greeting cards for Indian Festivals

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