Hindi Proverbs
Hindi Proverbs
Hindi Proverbs

Kahte Hain - Hindi Muhavare (proverbs)

An app for Hindi Proverbs. Inspiring proverbs to showcase the beauty and versatility of the Hindi language.

Each of the proverb is carefully selected so as to be relevant and inspiring in the day to day activities. The joy of reading that one, powerful, simple line is an addictive one for everyone who loves the Hindi language.

The app brings up a Hindi proverb each time you open it, and users can refresh to see different proverbs. It can also be configured to remind at a set time everyday. The app can also be used to take a picture with the Hindi proverb appearing as a caption! The pictures are automatically saved to the default folder.

A repository like this app can help connect the old and new generations and help them be appreciative of each other. Swipe while using the camera to change caption.

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