Situational Sarvagna
Situational Sarvagna
Situational Sarvagna

Sarvagna Tripadis curated for application in today's world

Sarvagna (Sanskrit for "all-knowing") was a Kannada poet, pragmatist and philosopher. He is famous for his pithy three-lined poems which are called tripadis. Based on studies of his literary style and the references of later writers, historians estimate that he may have lived during the first half of the 16th century.

Sarvagna grew up as a wandering monk creating the Tripadis,the famous three liners. Popular because of their alliterative structure and simplicity, they deal mainly with social, ethical and religious issues. Situational Sarvagna is our attempt to present Tripadis for application in today's world.

The App has 4 main categories : Work, Relationships, Growing old and Soul, and several sub-categories. Carefully selected Tripadis with English translations are available in each category.

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